Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winter-time fun!

Yesterday was a friend's birthday and she invited us out for a day of fun!

We went ice skating at Bear Mountain State Park.  I don't ice skate much so I'm not very good at it, but I can make it around the rink without holding on to the wall, and I managed to not fall at all.  So I call that a successful venture.

See?  I stayed on my feet.  But do  have a bit of a wide-arm technique going.

Most of our little group.

After skating we had dinner at Lucky Buddha in Thornwood.  Before checking the site I thought it was Indian food, but it's actually Japanese - Hibachi.
The food was good, the chef guy was amusing.  However, he did almost butcher B when doing the knife tossing - one got loose.  And he (or who ever set up his cart) forgot J's salmon.  Thankfully they remembered before we were done and got J some food so he didn't go hungry.
In his defense, we had a group of 12 people which is kind of a lot to keep straight at a table like that.

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