Sunday, January 6, 2013

7 Day Clean Eating Challenge - Pre-Day 1

Judging by the amount of unfamiliar food on the shopping list for this Clean Eating challenge, I'm guessing there will be some amusing moments over the next few days.  So, I guess I should blog about it!

I don't have my recipes for tomorrow yet, but I went to the store to pick up the stuff on the shopping list (except the salmon and can of beets I refuse to eat).  I had to ask where a few things were and had to buy the biggest bag of Kale ever, that's all the store had.  Hope I like Kale!!
Shop Rite is a nice store, but they arrange things oddly.  The organize the food by what you are probably making, not keeping like items together.  So, I had a hard time finding things like sesame oil, which is with the ethnic foods, not the other oils.  And agave nectar was only in the organic section, not with the honey or other sweeteners.

Not sure what people do with ginger root, but I have some now.  I bought the smallest piece I could find.

I can't imagine how I'm going to actually eat all of the vegetables I bought.  It wasn't cheap either, though I have to remind myself that I won't be buying any breakfast or lunch this week.  That will save some money.

Oh, and zucchini/green squash and cucumber look awfully similar, hope I remember which is which.

Part 2
I got my Day 1 menu and have started cooking.

Realization #1 - I'm going to have to eat breakfast at home before leaving for work.  That means I have to get up earlier.  Hmmm....

Here's the menu for the day, I'll add the actual recipes after I try them (and only if I like them)

Breakfast: Whole Wheat waffles (frozen) with greek yogurt, agave, strawberries and walnuts (sounds good to me!)

Lunch: Zucchini and Spinach Soup (smells good cooking, we'll see) - Bonus: I get to use my hand mixer for the first time!  I've only had it for 4 yrs.

Snack: 1 Apple and 1 T peanut butter

Dinner: Citrus Salmon Salad.  You may notice that I'm already going to be cheating on day 1 since I did not buy the salmon, I'm just going to substitute a chicken breast, so it's only a small cheat.

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