Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

So - what is your New Year's Resoluation for 2013?  Have you broken it yet?

My resolution is really the same as last year - to be healthier and happier and take better care of myself.  It's super broad, I know, but I did pretty well with it last year. 

  • I expanded the foods I eat, mostly by adding vegetables and a ton more variety overall.
  • I was more consistent with my workouts (yay Crossfit!). 
  • I focused more on my organizational skills and purging the extras I don't need and created a binder to keep everything in one place. (and check out the bullets!!)
  • I worked with a Health & Lifestyle Coach who was awesome (not a paid advertisement, I swear).
  • I've worked on being more positive, friendlier, more optimistic.  This is hard

So, this year my resolution is to do better.
I'm doing a 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge through the same Health Coach I mentioned above.  It starts January 7th, so if I'm crabby next week it's because I'm hungry!

I've raised my workout goal for my massage reward.  Before I just counted the days I worked out and had a running tally (massage is now scheduled for Sat January 5th, can't wait!).  Going forward I'm counting "successful" weeks.  To schedule my next appointment I need 12 weeks in which I do CrossFit at least twice and run at least once.  My goal is to have a massage quarterly, so if I stick to it, this should work out. 
Since I'm planning to run in the NJ Half Marathon again in May I REALLY need to step up my running!

Technically this was in 2012 but I spent a TON of time cleaning and organizing the condo over the holidays.  I desperately need to take a trip to Goodwill and our storage unit to drop off bags of stuff. I fell off the binder bandwagon for a while but I updated it and am trying to get back on track.

The positivity thing is still super hard.  I'm trying, I promise, but the "external partners" I work with are not cooperating.  People can be such jerks.  Oh, and I live in New York, not exactly known for being the friendliest place on Earth (which I recently learned is Canada). 

Share your goals!!

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