Sunday, January 20, 2013

The things we do for beauty!

B and I are going on a little trip soon...I'll share details later.
In preparation, I decided to try something new - a bikini wax.

A coworker of mine recommended European Wax Center a few months ago.  At the time, the only one in Westchester was in Yonkers.  Sorry to any Yonkers residents who might be reading this, but it's not my favorite place to go, I get lost all the time.  However, they had announced that a new location would be opening in January in Rye Brook - this sounded promising.

So, I signed up for advanced notice of the opening, specials etc.  They ran a deal for free services in the days just prior to their opening to finalize the training of the staff (more the front desk people, not so much the waxers) so I made an appointment for my bikini wax for this afternoon.

I won't lie, I was really nervous.  I left WAY early, which was good because I had a bit of hard time finding the place.  Once I get there everyone was super nice and helpful. 
The place was clean and pleasant.
I only waited maybe 5 minutes before my waxer came to get me.  She was really professional and friendly and did a good job distracting me and not making me feel awkward.
Honestly, it really wasn't that bad.  It didn't feel good, but I didn't feel the need to yell or swear or whatever. 

I bought a packaged visit deal (buy 9, get 3 free) and made another appointment for 3 weeks.  I might have her do a little more next time. 

So, If you're considering doing this or looking for a new place, check them out - ask for Norah, and let them know I referred you (I get $5 off for referrals!).

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