Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Trying again...

It's been over a year but I'm going to try to resurrect this blog!

I was definitely doing better with workouts when posting on here - some accountability even if no one is actually reading my blog :-)

I also have a plan to try a new recipe each week and post the recipe and my review. 
The recipes will be rather random.  I've decided to blindly pick one from my "must try" envelope each week and, no matter what it is, I'm making it.  If I REALLY don't want to try it, it'll go directly into the trash and I'll pick another.  I swear some of these "must try" recipes have been in that envelope since 2002 - maybe earlier.
This week's recipe: Fried zucchini with chive may (see, random).  At least this one's fairly new, from Real Simple's July 2014 issue.
I plan to take Rudy to camp tomorrow so I should be home early enough to do some experimenting in the kitchen. 

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