Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fitbit Flex

I'd be thinking about getting a Fitbit for a while and in honor of my new commitment to weight loss I finally pulled the trigger.
My new Fitbit Flex arrived yesterday and I got it all charged and step up to use today.  10,000 steps is a lot. 
It's pretty cool how it works and how it syncs with

Last week was pretty successful food-wise, still struggling to get my workouts in.  The scale was friendly though. 
We did well this weekend.  I got new running shoes yesterday (bright pink, yikes) and went for a 3 mile run on the bike path.  Today I did Insanity with Brad.  We didn't do the entire DVD because we had to get to the bar for the game.  I managed to resist the bar food and ate a salad at the game.  So I'm pretty proud of myself.
Hopefully I can do better this week with the workouts.  My boss is out for the week so maybe that'll make it easier to get out early and make it to CrossFit.

Happy Sunday.

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