Monday, December 3, 2012

Trains!! And pizza...

This past weekend J & K and the kids (A & S) came to visit and we went to the Holiday Train Show at the Botanical Gardens.

Picture taken from the NYBG website.

A is almost 6 and it was right up his alley.  S is still a little young for it at almost 4 and was disappointed as it was "not her kind of show!"  I think she was expecting a show on stage, not something you walk around.
I can't really blame her, there were big crowds and it was a lot of walking.  And the Thomas train broke! So sad.

After the Train Show, we came back to our place, singing silly songs the whole way (well mostly the kids, though I sang some too).  J & B went to get the Christmas tree out of storage and K & I made some pita pizzas for the kids.

The pizzas turned out MUCH better than I expected, perfect for a snack or quick meal.
They were super simple.  I just got packaged pita bread from the store, the kids spread sauce and cheese and I baked the pizza at 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes (longer makes a crispier crust). 
K & B added pepperoni too.

It came out like real pizza!!  Really tasty.  Definitely going to have to keep these in mind for quick meals on Monday nights or whenever I don't want to cook!

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