Friday, December 28, 2012

Ok, so I've been super lazy...

Actually, I've been doing a lot of stuff, just not a lot of blogging.

So let's see, what have we missed:

  • Hanukkah and Christmas are over (boo) but we got and gave lots of great stuff (yay!)
  • B and I took B's parents to the Steelers game and watched them secure a play-off free season.  At least going to the game was fun even if they did play like crap.
  • I've been off work for a week now, with a few more days to go, still SO not ready to go back.  Being home all day with nothing to do is awesome.
  • I made chili, with enough to freeze for later
  • I made Chicken Enchilada Soup, with enough to freeze for later (recipe in another post)
  • I'm 2 workouts away from scheduling my reward massage :-( and I'm changing up my goal for the next quarter.
Hmm, I think that's it for now.

Happy Holidays (or at least the one that's left)

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