Friday, August 30, 2013

Wake up call

So I've been a lazy bum and it needs to stop!
I've been convincing myself that it's no big deal, and then I saw the pictures from our beach house weekend with the family.  Ugh, NOT GOOD!

For some background, my brother and K rented a house on the sound shore in Clinton, CT last week with T & E.  B and I went to hang out with them Thursday and Friday, took a little detour to Mohegan Sun and then headed home.
The days at the beach house were fun.  The kids are cute and old enough to do fun, interactive things with now.  We (the kids) tortured some fish and crabs they caught on the beach.  We had some kayaks to paddle around in and went to check out the sandbar at low tide.  We had a bonfire on the beach and made s'mores and drank beer.  I got eaten alive by bugs.  All in all, a great summer experience.
I was excited to see the family pictures when K sent them over, since we don't have that many with the kid and me and B.  And...BAM...reality hit.

I was going to share the pictures on here but, frankly, I'm too embarrassed to.  I will just say that I need to lose about 10lbs and my plan is to try to use this blog to help me stay on track.  I'm going to commit to working out more consistently, thinking before putting anything in my mouth, and posting about my progress (and pitfalls).

Probably dangerous making this pledge just before leaving for Atlantic City for Labor Day Weekend.  Or, maybe it'll help me avoid doing too much damage this weekend.  Fingers crossed...

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