Sunday, November 18, 2012

Trip to VA to Meet our Nephew

Last weekend we finally made it down to meet our nephew, N, who was born in June!  We're bad aunt and uncle.

N was baptized, so we went down to do the family thing.  The kiddies are very cute and growing up so fast!

N, Seriously, check out those ears!!  Too cute
Big Sister C.  Not sure why but this is how she smiles for pictures!
A better one with Grandma.
We also went to the Reston Zoo.  It's a good place for entertaining the kids, but I just felt bad for the animals.

That didn't stop me from posing as a sheep, though.

Me, as a sheep :)
We also got to have dinner with C & T, who we hadn't seen in much too long.  We went to Fords Fish Shack in Ashburn, VA.  If you have a chance, go, it's so tasty!  Definitely get the Maine Chips as an appetizer. 

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